Robo Battle

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It is time for the revolution! This game is testing your logic and wit! If you are brave enough to fight for victory, this game is right for you! Your objective is to fight for the victory against other war robot's lasers. You will face a great variety of enemies and obstacles to deal with. The victory depends on your robots performance and the strategy he follows. To start the game, you can click on the play button. You will have 18 levels to pass and 54 stars to collect. As you proceed with the game and pass the levels, the game will be getting harder. You can control your robot by using your arrow keys and left mouse button to fire a weapon. He needs to fight his way out of the cyber prisons. There will be some obstacles like spiky floors, lasers, thorny wheels, and so on. You should avoid them if you want to keep your robot alive, or else he will be destroyed! Are you ready to guide your robot to keep him alive? Good luck!

You can control your robot by using your arrow keys and A button button to fire a weapon.
Complete the current level and then move to the next one to complete over 18 challenging levels.



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