Huggy Waggi: Capture the Island

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Welcome to the exciting game Huggy Waggi: Capture the Island! In which you will try on the role of a squad leader who will have to equip his military base and free the island from terrible and evil mutants. At the head of which is a huge, red Huggy Wuggy.

Collect resources, exchange non-money, build ammo production and master the islands. For each completed level you will get the opportunity to improve your character.

3 directions are available for pumping:
Health - Increases the character's maximum health.
Damage - increases the damage dealt by the character to monsters.
Money - increases the total amount of money received at the beginning of the level.

You can also hire assistants to help you clear the island, but this does not mean that you will be idle.

For computer:
WASD - character control in space (forward, backward, left, right)

For smartphone:
Virtual joystick - character control in space (forward, backward, left, right)

Beat enemies, collect resources,
Exchange resources for money
Hire an army, build mills,
Produce ammo, clear the island.



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