Unlimited Puzzles

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Unlimited Puzzles is a free puzzle game with unlimited gallery of beautiful images from various categories. This is a high quality game and it is a good choice for fans of jigsaw puzzles for all ages. Also, you can create puzzles from your own photos stored on your device!

Game Features:

▶ Completely free!
▶ New pictures are added regularly!
▶ Create your own puzzles from your photos!
▶ Separation of up to 588 fragments with the possibility of rotation!
▶ Save the game - put together a several pictures at once!
▶ Hints for the location of the puzzle pieces!
▶ Intuitive simple interface!
▶ High resolution HD graphics!

Select one of the images in the game library or on your device. Set the difficulty by choosing how many parts to split the image into. Move the pieces of the puzzle to the artboard to complete the whole image. You can adjust the transparency of the layout, change the scale of the working area, get hints.



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