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Do you consider yourself smart? Do you easily cope with puzzles of any complexity? Test yourself with the new logic game «Eureka!»
In the new game, you will find entertaining tasks for every taste: mathematical, logical, quick wit tasks. The further the user moves through the chain of tasks, the more exciting and difficult they become. For this game, you don't need almost any special knowledge. Only well-known facts, logic and thinking. The main focus is on thinking. It will be interesting for almost everyone to open puzzles and test themselves: both a pragmatic lover of mathematical equations and a humanist who is looking for hidden meanings in the text.
All tasks have comments and an explanation of the solution, but the player can't see them until he guesses the correct answer.

Guess the tasks and earn points. The answers are both numbers and words. For solving a problem without hints and answers, the maximum number of points is awarded.



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