Dino and Numbers

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Dino and Numbers is a game designed for kids and preschoolers learning English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic.
In this application, children can learn the names of numbers in many languages, and they can also play as a dinosaur or as numbers.
This is an arcade and adventure game with lots of mazes. There are beautiful levels here, such as: field, cave, forest, pond, flower, ice, circus, alien base and many others.

- Learn numbers from 1 to 10
- Animated characters
- 4 game modes - 2d dinosaur game, 2d number game, puzzles and balloons
- Fun games with jumping Dinosaur
- Free app
- Amazing numbers who can speak different languages.
- 20 2D levels as Dinosaur.
- 20 2D levels as Numbers
- 20 puzzles
- 20 levels of balloons.
- Localization and translation into 7 languages ​​such as English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic.

The hero is controlled by touching a finger or a mouse. Left, right, up - jump.
Enemies can be jumped on. If the enemy touches, a fly will carry the player to the starting position
Stones can be collected and thrown at enemies using the button in the lower right corner.
Bomb balloons can explode on touch
We go through labyrinths, collect puzzles, burst balls.



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