Brain Test - Tricky Puzzles

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Blast your brain with Brain Puzzle.
Brain Puzzle is an addictive free puzzle game that includes different puzzles and puzzles that will test your brain. This game will test your ability to think logically, testing accuracy, memory and creativity.

Game Features:
- Tricky puzzles
- Suitable for any age. The perfect game to spend time with family or friends
- Great brain exercises
- Absolutely unimaginable gameplay
- Easy, simple and playful gameplay
- Unexpected problem solving

Lots of trivial questions to stir up your brain. The perfect combination of knowledge and creativity - training the mind through challenges. Our game is full of fun that will blow your mind!

You can play with your family and friends. This game is suitable for adults and children.

Think outside the box and turn on your imagination right now!

Study the task of the level. Count, open, move, tap and more...
If you can’t solve the task, you can always use a hint or a skip.



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