Zombies Shooter 2 - Kill All Mutants

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Go to a new city filled with zombies. New types of zombies roam the streets. Mutated firefighters spew fire from their jaws. Huge mutants throw stones. Zombie football players are able to attack with lightning speed. Free the city from new hordes of zombies. Use a huge arsenal of weapons to destroy zombies. Watch the killed enemies scatter to pieces. Beware: zombies shot in the legs can crawl towards you. Save a new city!

- enemies with unique abilities
- dismemberment of enemies
- a huge arsenal of weapons
- addictive gameplay

Mouse - Look around
WASD - Movement
W + Shift - Run
Space - Jump

Left Mouse Button - Shoot
Right Mouse Button (Hold) - Aim
Mouse Wheel - Next / Previous Weapon
1-7 - Weapon hotkeys
R - Reload
G - Throw a grenade



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