Abandoned Beach Escape

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The game has a first-person view. The genre of the game as the point and click. According to the plot, the player woke up in an unfamiliar place and this place looks like an abandoned beach. The objective of the player is to escape this beach, exploring locations, collecting the items along the way and solving simple puzzles.

Features in this game:
- the sound of the sea,
- 2D drawing style,
- simple controls,
- saving gameplay,
- interactive hints.

- press - clicking or touching your finger action.
- drag and drop - to used in Minigames and for using items.

- Moving - you can use orange markers to move around locations.
- Items - scattered locations, can be collected in inventory.
- Using - drag and drop items from inventory to a location.
- Close-up - there are objects in the locations that you can see closer.
- Puzzle - simple mini-games, after complete you receive a reward.

Your trusty helpers are smart bots, they work via advertising:
- Skip the mini-game - the bot will solve the puzzle for you, after which you can continue playing the game.
- Hint - the bot will tell you what you missed.



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