Water Pool Heroes.io

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Help the stickman in the swimming circle to become huge and grow a long tail.
Collect ducks, swim through gates, knock stickmans smaller than you out of the pool, dodge obstacles.
Simple and dynamic game.

To float the stickman, hold down the mouse button and drag in the desired direction.
Collect white rubber ducks and grow.
Green gates increase the size and length of the tail, red ones decrease it, and yellow ones double it.
The number above the stickman's head is his strength. If your strength is greater than that of another stickman, then you can collide with him with swim rings to knock him out of the pool. Beware of other people's tails! If you collide with your swim ring with someone else's tail, then you will fly out of the pool yourself!
You win when your stickman is alone in the arena.



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