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The game consists of 29 themes with various animals and cars, divided into 2 parts, more than 300 voiced elements.

Rubric "Puzzle" consists of 21 topics.
The child will be able to match the animal and its silhouette, in a playful way he will remember the names of animals in English. The puzzle contains wild and domestic animals from different countries, various cars and vehicles.

There are 8 slides in the "Feeding" section. Kids will be able to intuitively feed animals, learn the names of animals in English, hear what sounds different animals make, and also learn the names of fish, types of fruits, what is natural metamorphosis - the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly or a ladybug.

Games for kids, puzzles, feed the animals, English for toddlers will help boys and girls memorize English words without being forced by clicking on the pictures of animals and cars and have fun solving puzzles and feeding the animals.

To play puzzles with animals or cars or feed animals, you just need to drag the picture with your finger and put food in the animal's mouth, or match the picture of the animal with the appropriate silhouette.
By clicking on the pictures with animals, you can hear the names of animals in English, as well as what sounds different animals make.
And when the children's puzzles are completed, you can pop the balls or bubbles.



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