Throw It!

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Welcome to Throw It!, the ultimate throwing game where precision and style meet! Test your aim as you throw variously styled balls into randomly placed hoops to gain points and coins. With 5 throws per game, the pressure is on to hit every hoop and keep your lives intact. But don't worry, each successful throw restores all 5 lives instantly, keeping you in the game and hungry for more! Use your hard-earned coins to unlock a variety of ball skins, each adding a unique flair to your throws. Can you reach the coveted Winner skin by scoring a high 100 hoops in a single game? Get ready to throw, aim, and win in Throw It!

You can customize the appearance of the ball and trajectories, as well as adjust the sound levels by accessing the corresponding sections from the main screen (buttons at the bottom).


- Wait for the "Throw!" prompt to appear.
- Hold down the left mouse button or place your finger on the ball, then drag in the direction of the throw.
- Release to make the throw.
- Wait for the clock image on the left side of the screen to disappear and the "Throw!" prompt to reappear.

Throw the ball, aiming to score the hoops. You can keep track of the remaining throws in the top right corner of the screen.



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