Stickman Archer Warriors

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Hours of fun have begun in the arrow shooting game. Come on, click and don't stay back from this fun.
In the 2-dimensional game, where there are many enemies and obstacles that you will encounter while climbing the steps, the goal is to hit the arrows just in time and not miss the target. There are special powers given to you to use in the game. You can see these features at the bottom of the game screen. You can take advantage of these powers at the right time. As you climb upwards, more challenging sections will be waiting for you. You have to be very careful and fast. Your enemies will become stronger. It's going to get harder in the hurdles. You have to collect the gold as you kill your enemies. You need to strengthen your character with the gold you collect. More powerful arrows or customize your special powers. There is no end to the fun.
You will be full of fun with the exciting fight of the garbage men. Have fun!

You can only play the game with your mouse. Determine your shooting direction by moving your mouse. To launch an arrow, press and hold the left mouse button to pull and release it.



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