Rusichi vs Lizards

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Game "Russians vs Lizards " is a unique clicker, which not only has its own unique atmosphere, but also the most ingenious system of levels and the strongest plot contrast. The plot of the game has a very deep meaning, which the player has to come up with himself. The user can choose his own pace of the game, to pump up the power of the blow, to increase his income and even ask for help from the higher forces in passing. Moreover, the game includes an original soundtrack of performers who are true descendants of the Rusichi. The music helps to create an unforgettable atmosphere of the game.

The game is a classic clicker with an upgrade system. To deal damage to a lizard, you have to click on it. You can upgrade your "hit" by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the screen. With each new opponent the player is given extra money for which he can pump his clicks. As you pass, the Lizard characters change with their unique names.



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