Bimka: Online

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"Bimka: Online" is an exciting multiplayer game with unique destruction mechanics. You will find an incredible combination of racing, adrenaline and friendly competition.

Upgrade your driving skills by racing across the roofs of containers, testing impressive jumps and making daring descents. Earn points by showing driving skills to fill your garage with unique cars. You are given the opportunity not only to ride them around the city, but also to compete for the championship in stunning speed races.

Compete against your friends and other players as you ride through the picturesque city, testing the limits of speed and skill. Gather a team and stage epic races, or just ride your way through unique obstacles.

Get ready for an exciting mix of speed, destruction and competition in the world of Bimka: Online. Rush through the chaos of the city and prove that you are the king of racing and the master of destruction!

Your task is to crash the car in different ways and get points for it.

Computer control:
TAB - pause
R - repair the car
W, A, S, D - control of the machine on the ground and rotation in the air
Spacebar - brake

Additional controls for multiplayer:
T - open chat



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