Puzzles - The Undersea

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Relaxing puzzle game - classic jigsaw puzzles for true puzzle lovers.
Tired of crystals, balls - join the ranks of puzzle lovers. Three levels of difficulty - suitable for both beginners and advanced players. You can save every game you start, and return to solving it whenever you want. The game lacks various timers - collect the puzzle for your pleasure as long as you want.

A colorful selection of images of sports cars is waiting for you - "The Undersea world" collection.

- Convenient control, the ability to adjust the scale;
- Ability to save each unfinished puzzle;
- A large table where you can lay out all the pieces of the puzzle;
- Three difficulty levels - 70, 300, 500 fragments;
- You have 3 hints at your disposal, but you can get more if difficulties arise;
- The presence of a prompt-background that you can turn off.

1) To start the game, select an image and the number of fragments (70/300/500).
2) Move the tiles to the image area with the left mouse button.
3) Adjust the scale with the mouse wheel (for the mobile version - zoom in by bringing two fingers together).
4) Move around the table holding the left mouse button.



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