Gears quest

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This is a puzzle game.
Your hero got into a quest where he needs to go through a number of rooms and get out. But he doesn't think very much, so your task is to work on the mechanism of the room so that our hero opens the way to the next test. Or to the exit.
The game is three-dimensional and looks a little different from how gear puzzles usually look. This is its peculiarity and uniqueness.
Another feature is that there are no preset "correct" positions for gears in the game, so you have complete freedom of action.

To complete the quest, you first need to take a good look around.

Each room has:

1) The starting gear, it is always in motion. It can be either round or linear. It is to this that the next gear must be docked, creating a chain of moving wheels.

2) The final gear, usually linear. There is a jumping arrow on or near it, showing which way you need to move this gear to complete the level.

3) Some gears cannot be moved, usually generators with connected lamps are fixed on them. If a rotating gear is brought to such a gear, then the energy from the generator will be supplied to the lamp and it will illuminate part of the room, which will give you the opportunity to move on.

4) Some time after the final gear is shifted in the right direction, the path opens and our character leaves this room and moves to the next level.

You need to complete 9 levels to free our hero.



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