Postman Race 3D

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Have you ever wanted to win a bicycle race? Then this 3D racing simulator is for you!

Try yourself as a racing driver in this thrilling 3D race. Collect coins, don't miss the mailboxes, and race around town on your bike! Grab the paper and deliver it to go down in 3D ranger history as the master of the street rush!

This 3D delivery simulator will win your heart with its high-quality graphics, charming characters, and exciting bike race. Simple gameplay puts this endless runner ahead of other fun cross-country games. Jump cars, collect coins, and don't crash into trains in your crazy race!

Try your hand at paper delivery in the most addictive 3D game ever. Get ready to take a risky challenge and join this exciting street race. Download one of the best 3D ranners and become the best racer!

You need to pass the level, delivering the maximum number of newspapers without hitting an obstacle

You can play both on PC and smartphones

On the pc control works as a mouse swipe and WASD
To start driving press left mouse button or W button, to stop pressed key, to move left or right swipe your mouse or press A, D.

On the phone control works with swipes.



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