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Periphery is an exciting arcade game. Like most arcade games, it is endless, the basis of the gameplay will be overcoming various obstacles.
This project has a record-keeping system. The user can compete with other players, increasing their record and place in the corresponding table.
The game has several interconnected systems. As you progress through the level, you can notice the cubes lying on the floor, which are the game currency. They need to be collected to use the following function.
If the user crashes into an obstacle or falls, the defeat screen is displayed to him, where he can choose one of three buttons: start over, resurrection for viewing ads and for game currency. The resurrection system will allow you to continue the game without losing this record to get into the table of the best players.

The main goal of the game is to overcome obstacles to achieve the highest score record and get into the table of the best players.
The loss occurs when touching dark blocks or falling down.
If you lose, the user can start the game again or resurrect himself for watching ads or currency, so as not to lose the record.
On the main screen in the lower right corner there is a button for evaluating the game.
On the main screen in the lower left corner there is a button to go to settings. In them, you have the opportunity to choose a control system (on a computer or on a phone), the language of the game, as well as change the volume and size of the interface buttons.
During the game, there is a timer at the bottom in the middle, when zeroing it, the time for this timer will be selected instead of the currency, and points will also stop accumulating. After the timer is replenished, the currency and points will continue to be collected.



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