Obby Parkour: On a Bicycle!

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Meet the game for everyone, for boys and girls, for kids and adults!
"Obby Parkour: On a Bicycle!" is basically a cycling simulator where you have to learn not to fall off the platforms (don't be afraid, there is no lava), train long and hard, upgrade yourself to reach the best height!
You will meet colored platforms, various jumping ramps, obstacles and coins!
After collecting enough coins, go to the store for a new, cool bike (they have different characteristics)!
On your favorite bike, with the acquired skills of riding on an obstacle course, conquer the top!

In order not to lose balance and stop faster, you need to brake more often!

Computer control:
- turn the steering wheel to the left: A or arrow to the left.
- turn the steering wheel to the right: D or arrow to the right.
- pedal forward: W or arrow up.
- pedal back: S or down arrow.
- brakes: space button.

Android control:
- pedal forward, backward: vertical joystick.
- turn the steering wheel left, right: horizontal joystick.
- brakes, brake button.



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