Nubic Jumper

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Welcome to the pixel world! Get ready to have an action-packed time on different tracks! Make a choice of speed and characters before starting the game. You can choose from 12 different characters as you wish. To get used to the game, you can start from low speed and then switch to fast modes.

Be careful against obstacles and jump on the trails created with various cubes. Stay away from lava, dangerous waters and dangerous explosives. Use your reflexes and keep up with the tempo of the game. As you progress in the game, the remaining tracks will be destroyed and destroyed. If you fall behind or touch the obstacles, you will have to go back to the very beginning of the course. Gather all your attention and focus on the game. Make the highest score in the game and try to beat your highest score every time you play!

Come on, enjoy the action and fun!

Use the left-click button of your mouse to overcome obstacles.

Jump by tapping the screen for your mobile devices.

You can play in the browser without having to download it to your mobile or desktop devices.

Have fun!



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