The Rubies of Liberty

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A unique mathematical puzzle based on finding a pair of combinations in a bipartite graph. It will make your brain explode and raise your attention to an unprecedented level.

Combines a time killer and an endless passing mode that will simply blow up your brain and subject it to the toughest IQ test of your life.

Start passing the levels and find out your IQ.
Two girls will keep you company throughout the game
Teachers ALICE and EVA. They will constantly remind you of themselves and you will not be bored in the company of these groovy girls.

15 levels of varying difficulty in Time Killer mode.
More than 1000 levels in an endless mode, which no one in the world can pass!

Your task is very simple:
Fill all rows and columns with rubies.
One for each column and one for each row.
Remember, there should be only one ruby in one column and row.

Desktop - left key and mouse wheel.
Mobile - touch, swipe, zoom with your fingers.



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