Noob: Jailbreak 2

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No sooner has Noob escaped from prison than he finds himself behind bars again!

It seems that now the escape is not possible: increased security system, increased concentration of spikes, vigilant guards. Noob will have to fight for his freedom!

Each time the conditions of escape change.
The tasks have become even more difficult, and the tension is even higher.
Use your brain to the fullest!

Our hero is waiting for you! Help him out!

Game Features:
- 50 unique levels;
- Beautiful graphics;
- Nice sounds and music;
- Nubik Game;
- Puzzle Game;
- Continuation of the popular game.

Goal: Help Noob escape from prison.

Mobile Devices: press the arrow keys to move around.
Computers: use the keyboard to move around.

Do not get caught on obstacles (spikes, saws, lava, etc).

If you can not pass the level you can watch ads and skip the level.



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