Letters, in places!

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Guess the word in a few attempts!

If you want a simple but interesting word guessing game, then this game is for you.

Coins are added for each win.
Coins are added for each entry into the application.
If there are not enough coins, you can get +50 coins for watching a short video.

At the start - 200 coins.
Earned coins can be used for all kinds of hints: open, delete letters.

Also in the game:
A huge database of words,
Dark Theme (available: Dark, Light, Blue, Pink),
Russian and English
Any screen orientation (landscape, vertical).
Entering Russian-language characters in a web browser on a desktop using the keyboard

The goal of the game is to guess the hidden word of 5 letters in 6 attempts.
If the letter is in the hidden word, it is marked in yellow.
If the letter is there and it is in its place, it is tinted green.
If the letter is not guessed - in red.



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