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Online letters trainer. A game for preschoolers, who learns to read. Three types of tasks: guess sound by letter, guess letter by sound and write letter by sound. Wrongly solved task is repeated more frequently, correctly solved task is repeated with increasing intervals for long-term memory (Leutner's system). Results are stored in results table, so it is possible to watch recent activity.

Hit «Solve!» on start screen, and a task will appear. Guess a sound, whitch corresponds to a letter or a letter, whitch corresponds to a sound (or write a letter by sound). Hit «Answer!» and find out, if your answer was correct.

Results are stored in a table. Hit result to watch brief details of solution.

Tasks are shown not randomly, but for a reason. Difficult ones are repeated more frequent, correctly solved ones are repeated with increasing intervals (1 – 4 – 16 – 32 days). Study regularly and remember all the letters permanently.



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