Blocky Speedrun

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- Test your agility and parkour skills!
- Complete the level as quickly as possible!
- Look for faster routes!
- Set new records!
- Compete with other players for the fastest completion time!
- Dodge deadly traps!
- Find checkpoints to save your progress on the level!
- Finish all 20 levels!
- Prove that you're a skilled speedrunner!
- And don't fall into lava!

Your task is to complete the level as quickly as possible. Each level has a finish flag, and how you reach it doesn't matter. Also, there are checkpoints (blue flags) on all levels. If you die, you will automatically return to the last passed checkpoint.

WASD - movement
Mouse - camera rotation
Space - jump
Tap R - restart level from last checkpoint
Hold R - restart level from the beggining
Tab/Esc - pause menu



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