Kozel online

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Kozel online is fun for those who are tired of playing the fool or playing poker. This game was not as popular as the first two and has unique and interesting rules with many nuances that will be interesting to learn. Especially when playing with real people. Kozel online against a person will definitely awaken your excitement and give you many pleasant minutes.

The game is played by 2 teams of 2 people. Players are seated at the table in such a way that each player has an opponent on the left and right, and on the contrary - a partner.
The essence of the game is to draw "bribes". The player who owns the move's turn opens the trick by "entering" with one of his cards. Turn turn goes to the next player (clockwise). The next player must either "beat" the trick or "discard" the card. After the trick has been played, the player who took it collects cards and puts them in the stack of tricks of his team. If all tricks are played, the game is considered over. Players start counting the points scored by tricks.
If a team receives 12 defeat points during several games, then the game (series of games) is considered to be over.



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