Closed Beasley

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Closed Beasley is a well-known and popular solitaire game.
As before, this is one of the few solitaire games with a single deck in which the player has a choice on which base to put the card.
However, now most of the cards are hidden from you, so it has become more difficult to calculate the situation. The more pleasant the victory.

Solitaire is played with one deck of cards.
All aces of the deck at the beginning of the game are taken out to the left warehouse. The right warehouse at the beginning of the game is empty.
All remaining cards are distributed into 12 piles of four cards.
All cards, except for the bottom one in each row, are turned face down, and are revealed only when they are bottom in the row.
The goal of the player is to move all the cards from the piles to the warehouses.
In the left warehouse, you can place cards in descending order, and in the right one, in ascending order. The suit in each cell of the warehouse must be preserved.
The player can move cards from pile to pile. To do this, the card to be moved must be of the same suit, and in value one more or one less than the bottom card of the pile to which the card is added.
You can no longer put cards in a pile left without cards.
Only the bottom cards of the pile can be moved.
When all cards are moved to the warehouse, the player wins.



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