Flappy Color

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"Flappy Color" is an addictive arcade game in which the player has to control a small colored circle flying through colorful obstacles. Unlike the classic game "Flappy Bird", in "Flappy Color" the player must select a circle that matches the color of an obstacle in order to fly through it.

The gameplay of the game is simple and fun: the player taps on the screen to lift the circle up and control its flight. The main rule is not to touch obstacles of different colors, otherwise the game will end. The longer the player can keep the circle in the air, the more points he will score.

The main feature of "Flappy Color" is its bright and colorful neon graphic style. The obstacles and the circle are in different bright colors, creating a visually appealing picture on the screen. Over time, the game becomes more and more difficult, requiring lightning-fast reactions and precision from the player in order to confidently maneuver through more and more new obstacles.

In Flappy Color, the player's goal is to control a colored circle and fly through obstacles while avoiding obstacles of a different color. Victory is to score as many points as possible by flying through the maximum number of obstacles.

Management is carried out by taps on the screen to lift the circle up and control its flight. Releasing the screen or releasing the key will move the circle down. The player must synchronize their movements with the movement of obstacles and choose an obstacle whose color matches the color of the circle in order to successfully fly through it.

Loss occurs if the player collides with an obstacle of a different color, touches the top or bottom of the screen. If you lose, the player can start the game again and try to improve his record.



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