Color Ball: Control The Time

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Control the time and move the colored ball forward. Avoid obstacles of other colors!
In this game you need to push the colored ball forward, avoiding obstacles with other colors, with the ability to slow down time.
In slow motion, you can watch objects fly apart spectacularly and realistically when they collide with your colored ball.
The peculiarity of the levels is that in them geometric objects are arranged in the form of emoji!
Collect crystals to make your room in the game more cozy and decorate it with furniture!

Simple and convenient one-finger control! You can control the time by tapping on the screen and set the trajectory of the ball by swiping your finger! When you tap on the screen, time slows down, and when you remove your finger from the screen, it returns to its original state.
You can control the speed at which your colored ball will roll in the direction you need - the more you swipe your finger, the higher the momentum given to the ball will be.
You can use walls to avoid contact with obstacles of other colors! If your colored ball collides with a wall, it bounces off it with the same force with which you set its direction. In slow motion, it looks more impressive!
If you collide an object of a different color, then your coloured ball will split into pieces and fly apart. Use time dilation to avoid this!
Also, you should avoid pits!



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