Find the differences: Island

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Find the differences: Island is a game for the development of mindfulness and perseverance. By finding differences, you train your concentration on the little things. The game is made in a single visual style, which contributes to immersion in the atmosphere of the levels.

If you like puzzles and logic games where you need to think, then the game will suit you perfectly.

The game has ten levels, different parts of the big island. At each level, you can also choose an additional difficulty: easy, medium or heavy.

Features of the game:
✔️ Intuitive operation
✔️ Suitable for children and adults
✔️ Fascinating gameplay, which is difficult to break away from
✔️ Many well-hidden differences
✔️ An easy and simple game for fans who just want to relax and train their attention

All progress is saved in the browser. You can always pick up where you left off

The task of the game is to find the differences between the two images.
There may be a different number of differences on the levels, to win, you need to find them all.

You can choose the difficulty of the level and find more complex differences in the images, developing your attentiveness.

If you can't find the difference, you can always use the hints that appear after clicking on the magnifying glass in the left edge of the screen



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