Super Punchman

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Welcome to Super Punchman: 3D Top-down Shooter against monsters!

Make your way through many levels, accompanied by a hurricane of rock music, to escape from the planet of monsters that inhabit it!

Free 3D shooter game with top view against monsters! Complete exciting colorful levels to defeat monsters, activate beacons, and defeat bosses! So what are you waiting for?
Features of the game:
● Colorful 3D graphics.
● Two types of weapons - Automatic pistols, submachine guns and grenades of the future!
● Addictive top view shooter gameplay - it's tons of fun, lots of challenging and interesting levels with great rock and roll music!
● Destroy monsters, escape from the planet and activate all beacons!

Control of the game:
Left mouse button - Shooting.
WASD-Buttons to control the movement of the character.
F-Throw a grenade.

The game is similar to:
● Alien Shooter
● Diablo
● Alien Swarm
● Helldivers
● Zombie Shooter
● Crimsonland
● Enter the Gungeon

The whole game is completely free!




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