Epic Crystal Rush - Idle Tower Defense

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Epic Crystal Rush - Idle Tower Defense is a free game in the Idle Tower Defense genre.

To make you feel like a real strategist and each new game was unique, the game provides a flexible system of customization of the game build. After each finished opponent, you get money for which you can improve one of the characteristics. Choose from about 30 upgrades in 3 different categories. If you want to do more damage, pump up the attack. Get regeneration? Then protection is your choice. Or maybe you need something else? Then support is your choice. Improve only those characteristics that you need.

Features of the game:
- Flexible progress system, come up with the perfect strategy for passing
- Roguelike system, defeat is just the beginning
- Nice minimalistic graphics, easy controls.
- Leaderboard, take the first line of the rating and prove that you are the best strategist!

The further you go, the more options appear. After each defeat, you lose all the money, but there remains energy with which you can simplify your life in the next visits, as well as discover new characteristics and additional improvements.



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