Lemon Box Brawl Stars Simulator

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"Lemon Box Brawl Stars Simulator" is a box opening simulator. Here are the most epic fallout items from all the boxes in Brawl Stars, by all the new brawlstars!

- Note: This game was not created by Supercell, it was created by a Brawl Stars fan. Details at the end of the description.

Want new brawlers, but it's still a long time away from falling out in real Brawl Stars? Want a quality, best-in-all-Brawl Stars box simulator? - This is it!

Gather your entire collection, compete against players from around the world to find out who's the best!

Game Features:
- All of your favorite Brawl Stars fighters are available: R-T, Brock, Mortis, 8-bit, etc.
- Exclusive mega boxes!
- Nice graphics
- Trophy road
- Multiple languages
- Frequent updates

- Warning: This game only simulates the resource drop. You CANNOT carry gems, coins, brawlers, etc. to Brawl Stars. This simulator is unofficial and not approved by Supercell.

Open the boxes and get: coins, gems, power points and new brawlers.
Collect them all in your collection, upgdrade them to the maximum level. Go all the way to trophy road and become the best of the best!



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