Crash X - Fast Race 3D

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Crash X - Fast Race 3D is an exciting and realistic car game that tests the driving skills and dexterity of the player. The game has a number of levels, each with its own unique track filled with obstacles and tricks.

Enjoy the destruction of world brand cars and exciting racing simulation in the game Crash X. Pass various maps. On races you can arrange your crash test or compete and demolish opponents, arrange your car armageddon.

Upgrade the speed, handling, acceleration and nitro for cars.
Repaint the car in cool colors, change the color of your toning, put offsetting disks. Accentuate your personality!

You can use your driving skills to navigate the track, avoid obstacles and keep control of your car or cause real car chaos.

As the player progresses through the levels, the difficulty increases and rival cars get faster.

Controls on PC
Drive: W - Gas, S - Reverse/Brake, A - Turn Left, D - Turn Right
Handbrake: Space
Nitro: Shift
Back to the road: R



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