Nubik Zaza: Penguin Hunting (Skibidi)

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Do you like penguins in 3D? Then this game is for you! You will plunge into an exciting and cute adventure in the world of Minecraft, where you will run after penguins. Your task is to catch all the blue penguins on the level, avoiding their parents, red penguins and toilet squibs to dynamic music.

For each captured penguin, you will be given coins with which you can increase the constant speed of the character and buy health.

But the main thing in this game is the opportunity to feel the real spirit of adventure, being surrounded by cute and charming penguins, who will undoubtedly cheer you up with their kindness and funny expressions of faces. So don't miss your chance and go on an emotional and exciting penguin chase!

The language is changed by flag selection.

The controls are very simple.
On the phone - To drive with your finger
On a desktop (computer), drive with the mouse with the left mouse button pressed, or using the W A S D keys on the keyboard.

You can upgrade your character before the start of the race.

Hearts are consumable and the price for them is fixed 100 coins, about 5 penguins. The maximum number of hearts is 7;
If you saw that the hearts "disappeared". Do not be afraid, they just disappeared, they will appear, either after the purchase, or after clicking on the "Start" button.
The price for pumping acceleration varies depending on the level, acceleration can be pumped indefinitely.

The total number of completed levels is recorded in the leaderboard.



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