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We present you the best collection of card and board games.
If you like playing cards but do not have playing cards or opponents, but you want to play, then this collection is for you.

The collection contains the following games:

Card games:

Game fool (translational fool, flip-flop, Japanese)
Game Thousand (1000 online)
Game Deberts (Klabor)
Game Burkozel
Game Painted poker (Georgian poker, joker, poker for tricks)
Game King (Lady's Preference)
Game Nine
Hearts game
Game 101
Snoring game (4 or 5 cards)
Game Tertz
Bura game
UNO game
Fly game
Rams game
Game Preference
Goat game
Hold'em poker
Omaha poker

Russian poker and Blackjack according to the rules of the casino.

Table games:

Chess game
Checkers game
Game Corners
Backgammon game
Game Backgammon
Game Greek backgammon (tapa)
Crazy backgammon game
Domino game
Game Dots
Tic-tac-toe game (5 in a row, Gomoku)
Reversi game
Sea battle game
Game Parchis

The collection also contains 7 solitaire games

Each game has its own rules, which you can find by clicking on the question icon next to any game icon.

Any game is controlled with the mouse or fingers.



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