Blast mania

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Blast Mania is a browser-based, multi-level puzzle game. which is suitable for players of all ages. Complete tasks at the level in the specified number of moves and get a reward. Spend your time usefully playing the Blast Mania game.

Complete the tasks indicated on the game panel on the left. Pay attention to the maximum number of moves you can make to complete the tasks. Identical blocks are destroyed from two or more. Game items: boxes. light bulbs and balls are destroyed by an explosion from neighboring blocks. You can also use special boosters that can destroy one block, row or column, regardless of the color of the blocks in it, or swap blocks on the playing field. After completing the task in the minimum number of moves, you will receive 3 stars. Game currency is also credited. to buy boosters.

Complete all 60 levels. Have a nice game!



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