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Drag the hex elements to empty spaces. Build complete lines to remove the tiles.

How many points can you earn?

- A fun and meditative theme that allows you to focus;
- Get combo points by clearing 2 or more lines at the same time;
- Earn money to buy additional textures in the store.

Your goal in the game "Hexagons" is to earn as many points as possible. Drag and drop different shapes on the board to fill in the empty spaces.

When the shapes fill the line, they will disappear. Clear the lines in any direction to earn points. Earn as many points as possible by completing combos.

But watch carefully where you put the various pieces. When you can no longer place any pieces on the board, the game is over.

Try to keep the small pieces on your hand, so that the game does not end prematurely. In addition, be sure to clear the lines to make room for larger shapes.




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