Arrows Master

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Get all the arrows off the screen according to a certain algorithm if you can!

There is no limit to the number of levels!
However, the difficulty will increase and it will challenge you, how far can you go?

Gameplay is diluted by rewards in the form of background coloring books and arrows, which can be obtained in cases.

Customize the look of the game to suit your style and go the furthest!

The goal of the level is to remove all arrows from the screen.
To remove an arrow from the screen, make sure that there are no other arrows on its way to the direction it is pointing and click on it. That is, the arrows must not collide.

Modifications can be applied to the level: limit the number of errors and timer,
you will lose if you make more mistakes than specified, or if you do not meet the timer.

Also, you will receive an additional reward if you complete the level without a single mistake, or faster than the intended time.

The difficulty of the levels will increase with each certain number of levels completed.
The further you go, the higher the reward will be!



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