5 differences

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5 differences is a game where the player’s goal is to find 5 differences between 2 pictures
5 differences is good for relaxation to chill music and colorful pictures
5 differences is a game where an attentive player can seek and spot all the differences!
Enjoy colorful pictures and chill music with an educational game for children and adults for free
Everyone who likes colorful pictures, puzzles, children's coloring pages, and relaxing music will love the 5 differences game
Fun and relaxing design theme, background music
Train your attention, seek and spot the difference in pictures. Spot 5 differences hidden in atmospheric pictures and discover new rooms, interiors, and places.
Solve riddles, enjoy the chill music, and relaxing game
Easy one-touch control game is suitable for all ages
Several levels to look for differences between two pictures
Relax and enjoy beautiful pictures, find the differences and complete the levels for free!
Enjoy a nice game!

Press the “Start” button to start the game and select the level
Look for differences in 2 pictures and press on them when spotted
The spotted differences will be circled
Spot 5 differences on each level and discover the next one
If you cannot find the difference between 2 pictures use a hint in the lower right corner of the screen
Enjoy the game!



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