5 nights in Monster School

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You'll experience five nights playing guard at the Monster School, a place where the teacher Hirobrin of Minecraft shows up at night.

You have an ordinary computer at your disposal, on which you can view cameras, read messages and answer calls.

Be very attentive and keep your eyes open to prevent Hirobrin from grabbing you. The main Monster of the School doesn't doze off, but he's very afraid of bright flashes. Hirobrin likes to scare the guards by leaving them creepy text messages. Or maybe he'll call you and see how you're doing?

Will you be able to work five nights?

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1) In the game you need to survive 5 nights, scaring away Hirobrin flash (press the red button).

2) When Hirobrin appears you will hear a characteristic sound, having heard the sound, go to the camera tab and look for the monster. Found? Click on the red button. You are saved.

3) Phone battery does not affect anything, when it becomes 0% will start a new day.

4) Respond to messages, the monster likes to send photos.

5) Answer the phone.

6) Make it to 6 a.m.

With each new day, new mini-games will be added - tutorials for them are included in the game.



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