Seagull Flappy

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Seagull Flappy is an exciting arcade game inspired by Flappy Bird. Get ready for an exciting adventure with a cute seagull!

Seagull Flappy offers addictive gameplay. Your task is to guide the seagull through a series of obstacles that appear in its path. Tap on the screen to lift the seagull in the air, avoiding collisions with obstacles. Help the seagull overcome the maximum number of obstacles and set a new record!

You'll be able to choose from 9 different skins for the seagull, allowing you to customize its appearance. There are also 5 unique game locations waiting for you, each with its own atmosphere and background. Take a journey over sandy beaches, suburbs, cityscapes and even a junkyard!

Seagull Flappy offers simple and exciting gameplay mechanics as well as the opportunity to enjoy personalization and variety. Immerse yourself in an aerial adventure with our favorite seagull and show off your skills!

To control the flight:

- On PCs, use the left mouse button to raise the seagull in the air.
- On mobile devices, tap the screen to lift the seagull in the air.

Money is awarded for every second obstacle successfully crossed.



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