4096: memes

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4096: memes - a game about connecting squares with the image of memes and numbers.

Merge memes! Pick memes by number and picture.

Funny memes and sounds are waiting for you.

Mix of classic game and original idea.

The goal of the game is to get the Block number "4096".

Field size 4x4. Your goal is to get a block with the number 4096 and a picture of the meme. If two blocks have the same number and image, then they can be added together and get twice the number!

On desktop:
Use your keyboard arrows or WASD buttons to move blocks left, right, up and down.

On mobile devices:
Swipe to move blocks left, right, up and down.

Collect identical tiles by moving them.

The block must come into contact with another, then they generate a new block, the number is higher and the picture of the meme changes.



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