Dig Odyssey

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A mysterious signal was received from the depths of the nearest exoplanet to Earth. An experienced miner was sent to investigate it. He has to become an astronaut and uncover the mystery of the signal.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure?

Your task is to dig the soil and penetrate deeper and deeper until you find the source of the signal. The planet's crust consists of several layers of varying hardness, the mine contains many different metals and precious stones. Collect them - they are needed for crafting and upgrading equipment.

You have to dig quickly as you have a limited supply of oxygen! Improve your tools (pickaxe, drill, dynamite, etc.) to dig even faster!

This miner drilling game is the best digging game there is.
With a limited supply of oxygen and challenging terrain to navigate, can you become the fastest ground digger and solve the mystery of the signal?
Mine the more and collect as many gems as you can!
Try this retro arcade casual game, which needs no introduction, and you’ll stick to this free gold rush mining game forever!
Finding treasure is fascinating, when you dig out! It’s drilling time!



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