36! Put the numbers in order

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A game for the development of short-term and visual memory, as well as peripheral (peripheral) vision. The game was based on a test from the Japanese scientist, Ph.D. Tetsuro Matsuzawa, who conducted similar testing on monkeys.

An interesting fact: for monkeys, just a couple of seconds is enough to memorize and search for numbers from 1 to 9. Such indicators are not achievable for a person, but there are exceptions.

The game "36! Collect the numbers in order ”has its own specifics and differences from the original test. The game starts with three numbers and then one number is added with each win.

The maximum number of numbers is 36. The player needs to pass sequentially from three to 36 numbers. For each victory, a rating and coins are awarded. Coins can be spent on a hint or lowering / increasing the difficulty level.

The game is similar to Schulte tables. By combining learning from the tables and playing a game, you can speed up the learning of speed reading.

The task of the game is to remember and sequentially collect the numbers displayed on the playing field.

• Press the "Play" button, the playing field will be filled with numbers.
• The displayed numbers must be memorized.
• When you press the "Play" button, the "Memory" timer will start.
• After clicking on one, the rest of the numbers will hide. This will start the "Search" timer.
• We need to find the hidden numbers.

If you find all the numbers correctly, then the game and the timers will stop. The remaining seconds of the timers, as well as the sum of the numbers on the playing field, will be included in the rating.

Coins will be credited according to the number of numbers on the playing field:
Numbers 3-9: +1 coin;
Numbers 10-19: +3 coins;
Numbers 20-29: +5 coins;
Numbers 30-36: +7 coins.

When you press the "Hint" button during the game, the next searched number will be revealed. The price of a hint is 3 coins. Moving to a lower/higher difficulty level costs 1 and 5 coins.



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