Zombies Among Us

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Zombies have taken over the ship! It doesn't matter who you were before - a traitor, a crew member, or an engineer. In the face of undead, we all become mere pieces of walking meat!

You are among the few who haven't been infected in the first few hours. You have another mission - to save the Abobuses. Zombies ignore them, and they may hold the key to this horror.

You must do everything possible to survive and save every Abobus. Can you prevent a global infection? The fate of the universe is in your hands!

Find yourself in the center of a zombie apocalypse, where blood and fear engulf every corner of the ship. Fight, defeat the walking dead, and save humanity!

The Bureau won't leave you empty-handed - it will pay you coins. Buy weapons and upgrades to increase your chances of survival!

Don't retreat, don't give up! You are the last hope for the survivors and the key to saving the Abobuses. Accept the challenge and become a hero in this merciless world of the zombie apocalypse!

Objective - save all the Abobuses and bring them to the main airlock! But don't forget, your main goal is to survive because if you die, there will be no chance for humanity to survive!

On PC: Use WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot.

On mobile: Use the left joystick to move, and the right joystick to shoot.



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