Zipper Jumper

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Welcome to the game "Zipper Jumper"! In this exciting game, you need to control a ball that bounces off walls while collecting coins. The more coins you collect, the higher your score will be.

You must be careful and quick because every time the ball touches a wall, it bounces off in the opposite direction. This means you must be ready for sudden changes in direction at any moment.

In "Zipper Jumper," there are many obstacles and challenges on each level that you must overcome. Collect as many coins as possible and try not to fall off the level. Can you overcome all the challenges and achieve the highest score? Start playing now and find out!

Hold the mouse and indicate in which direction the ball will bounce. You can only jump away from lightning and only when the ball is lit in red.
Beware of obstacles as you can't jump off them.



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