Your Girlfriend: Anime Game

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Welcome to the exciting world of clicker 18+! In this addictive game, you have to tap the screen to score points. Each click brings you closer to receiving the reward. Collect enough points to acquire semi-nude anime girls who will fill the game with sexual temptation.

But that is not all! In the store, you will also find a variety of backgrounds that will add new visuals and atmosphere to the gameplay. Grab attention and make your game unique by using different combinations of backgrounds and girls.

Are you ready for a challenge and penetration into the fascinating world of clicker 18+? Play, click, earn points and enjoy exciting rewards! Immerse yourself in the charismatic atmosphere of the game and become a real master of clicking. Good luck and have fun!

Click on the screen and earn currency! For currency, buy various upgrades, new characters and various backgrounds



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