Word Maze Word Search

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"Word Maze Word Search" is a beautiful word puzzle game. The levels are easy at first, but they get challenging fast. Is your mind ready to get pushed to the next level with word puzzles?
Solve puzzles in different languages and replenish your vocabulary. Choose a theme to your liking or find words from a certain number of letters. Try to solve more than 1000 levels.

English and Russian languages.
Lots of themes.
1000+ levels.
Unlimited hints.
Difficulty ranges from simple to hard.
Do you like Word search, to solve crosswords, Fill the words, Guess the words? This game is an exciting activity during leisure hours or on the way to work.

The goal of the game is to find words on the selected theme. Mark letters with finger movement. The letters must be in adjacent cells, including cells diagonally. If you incorrectly select letters, then you will not be able to solve the puzzle. Use the reset button (round arrow) to start again and find the correct path.



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