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The bald dude was sitting at home with his plastic pickaxe, he got bored and went out of the house to upgrade his pickaxe to a normal, stone one, but something carried him away and he could not stop. He began to obtain resources and improve his items. Maybe he just didn't want to be bald. But as the saying goes, you can't choose your head.

A game about crafting items and getting resources. Play as a bald dude and help him craft the best items.

The game has skins - ice cream, soccer ball, cat and more. They can be opened with crystals or advertisements and you will be rewarded with valuable resources!

- Get resources
- craft equipment
- look for bosses
- defeat the bosses
- go through all 6 locations
- open all skins and rejoice

The controls are simple, WASD/Touch to attack, just stop.



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